How to unban someone in Minecraft?

1 February, 2023

How to unban someone in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a peaceful multiplayer game. However, you may have players who cause havoc on your server. A ban on a user is a restriction that prevents them from joining your world.

You can easily unban a user, regardless of whether they were banned for violating the rules. Follow the steps below to unban someone from Minecraft.

Types of Ban in Minecraft

It is important to be familiar with the various types of bans before you move on to the actual process of unbanning. To unban someone, it is important to understand why they were banned.

Minecraft has two types of bans.

How do you unban someone in Minecraft?

We now have the information we need to understand the different types of bans.

Lifting the Player Ban

To unban a player who was banned by their player name, use the “/pardon” command.

IP Ban lifted

You can get rid of an IP ban by using the command “/pardon_ip”.

Can I use the console in-game to ban someone?

You can unban anyone if you are the administrator or server OP. The commands listed above also work in-game.

Can Minecraft unban me?

Minecraft can ban anyone who violates their rules, particularly in Minecraft Realms. Minecraft can ban users temporarily or permanently in two ways. Temporarily banned means that the ban is lifted after a specified time. However, if you are banned permanently, you can't access the game again.

What do I do if someone is kicked?

Kicking someone in Minecraft will force them to quit the game. You won't have to ban them by doing this. They can only rejoin the server after it restarts.

Is the unbanning process the same for all Minecraft editions?

All versions of the command and procedure for unbanning someone are the same. To unban a player, or an IP address, you can use “/pardon” in-game.

Can I unban myself in Minecraft servers?

If you are the server administrator, you can ban/unban anyone. If you are not the server OP, you can contact the mods or admin to discuss your case. You can also fill out an unban appeal if you play on a large server.