Huge Minecraft DDoS attack!

25 January, 2023

Huge Minecraft DDoS attack!

An “Minecraft” DDoS attack on a multi-day Twitch gaming event in Andorra, a small European country, was launched recently. This caused the internet to go down across the nation.

Tom's Hardware reports that Andorra Telecom was the only ISP in Andorra and suffered repeated DDoS attacks during SquidCraft Games tournament. Because they were constantly disconnecting, eight streamers were kicked out.

SquidCraft is a Twitch Rivals tournament that has been very successful. The name is also parodied of “Squid Game”, but in the popular video game “Minecraft.”

Some suspect that the DDoS attacks on “Minecraft”, a DDoS attack, were intended to get the tournament's huge $100,000 prize. This was to ensure that contestants are very competitive.

Andorra Telecom confirmed that there was a breach via Twitter. Some users might find it difficult to surf the internet as a result. It is being handled by us.

According to the original Tom's Hardware report the attack occurred on the second day. This was when eight to ten competitors had their internet connections cut simultaneously, which essentially affected the entire country's internet infrastructure.

The attack saw the elimination of the nation's home contingent from the competition. This was confirmed by NetBlocks via twitter:

At the moment, no suspects have been identified. SquidCraft is still on schedule.