Most useful blocks in Minecraft

15 December, 2022

Most useful blocks in Minecraft

Minecraft contains hundreds of blocks. Some blocks serve more than just their intended purpose of being built. These blocks are known as utility blocks, and have additional uses such as crafting, brewing, or smelting.

Mojang has introduced many interactive blocks over the years such as Smoker and Enchantment Table, Cauldron, and many others. These blocks can be used to decorate a base's interior, but they also provide multiple benefits for players in-game.

1) Crafting table

Without a crafting table, it is almost impossible to play Minecraft and complete the project. A crafting table is the first thing players make when they join a new world. You can make this simple but useful utility block by using four planks made of any type of wood.

A crafting table is a 3×3 grid that allows you to place your items in order to make something. This table is also called a Workbench.

2) Furnace

Furnace, another important block in Minecraft, allows players to make and smelt items. You can create this block by placing eight cobblestones into a square. It can be used to cook food or smelt ores by providing fuel.

As the game progresses, players will be able to make a Smoker or Blast Furnace which can cook and smell more effectively. Players will need to build a furnace to accomplish this.

3) Chest

The chests are useful storing blocks that enable players to store items safely so they don't have to carry around a full inventory. This block is very useful as players gain more resources.

Players must place eight planks of wood or any other type of wood on a table that looks like a furnace to create a chest. One chest can hold 27 slots. However, you can increase this number by placing two chests next to each other to make a larger one.

4) Anvil

Anvil is a costly item that can be difficult to make. Three blocks of iron are required and four iron ingots. This makes a total 31 iron ingots. They are however of great value as players can enchant or rename their armor and tools.

They can be made by placing three blocks each of iron on the top and three ingots of iron on the bottom of the crafting table grid. One iron ingot must be placed in central part of the grid.

After being used frequently, anvils can crack. Players need to be cautious.

5) Beacon

Beacon is one of the late game block categories. To be crafted they need Nether Star, which can only be obtained by defeating a boss of the Wither. This fight is very difficult and can only be taken on by those who are highly skilled.

All of this is worthwhile because beacons provide amazing effects for players. These effects include Speed I, Regeneration and Strength I.

Insta-mining any kind of stone block is the best way to enjoy Minecraft. This can be done by players using an efficiency Vpickaxe and haste.