New Mobs coming to Minecraft

5 December, 2022

New Mobs coming to Minecraft

Mojang revealed the next major update to Minecraft during the annual live event. The Overworld will continue to receive more incredible features even after the two-part Caves & Cliffs update.

The Wild Update 1.19 will improve several Overworld biomes and add a cave biome called deep darkness caves. New mobs will be added to all new biomes.

Mojang already announced some mobs that will be arriving with the 1.19 update. These are the five confirmed mobs for The Wild Update.

Mobs confirmed for Minecraft 1.19 update

5) Frog

Frogs were already a part of the game's future. With the 1.19 update, these tiny croaking mobs are going to make an appearance.

Frogs won't be restricted to swamps. They will spawn in many locations, depending on their temperature. In beta versions, there are only three types so far.

4) Tadpole

Frogs' offspring will not be miniature versions of their parents, unlike other mobs. Players will see two frogs being bred and laying a new item, frogspawn in the water. The frogspawn blocks are used to spawn tadpoles that eventually turn into frogs.

3) Firefly

Mojang was the first to see the fireflies at Minecraft Live 2021. These mobs were not much of a surprise. Because they only have two pixels, Fireflies will be the smallest mob.

Frogs were seen eating fireflies during the live stream. Fireflies will be used by players to breed frogs.

2) Allay

Allay is the most popular mob in Minecraft's history. Hundreds of thousands of players voted in support for allay during the live event. After defeating the copper golem, it was declared the winner.

Allay now forms part of The Wild Update. It will be available in 2022. After hearing a note block, this mob will grab items from the player and drop them.

1) Warden

The introduction of the warden into Minecraft has excited almost every player. The mob and its cave home, a deep, dark cave, will bring horror to Minecraft.