Sail the 7 seas achievemnt guide in Minecraft

1 December, 2022

Sail the 7 seas achievemnt guide in Minecraft

Achievements are an integral part of Minecraft's Bedrock Edition. They can be used to help newer players navigate the early stages. It guides players through the basics of chopping wood, creating weapons and killing hostile mobs.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition now has 114 achievements as of version 1.17. For some of these achievements, players must travel a significant portion of the map to complete them. One example is “Sail the 7 Seas”. We'll show you how to earn it in this article.

You can earn the “Sail the 7 Seas” achievement by completing every Ocean biome in the Bedrock Edition. A map and a boat are required by players. Each variant can be used together, or the player may need to explore different areas to find these biomes. These are the nine ocean variations used in Bedrock edition.

The Ocean is an aquatic biome made up of water. Oceans cover between 25-33% of Minecraft's surface area. They are Minecraft's largest biome by area. These are water sources that are generated at Y63 by default. This level is called “sea level”.

2) Deep Ocean

Deep ocean can reach more than 30 blocks in depth, which is twice the depth of standard ocean.

Gravel is the predominant material on the ground. This variant can be used to spawn Ocean Monuments, which can also be used by Guardians and Elder Guardians.

3) Frozen Ocean

This variant is dark purple in color. It has a gravel seabed, just like the cold and standard oceans. The water's surface, however, is mostly frozen.

4) Deep Frozen Ocean

Deep frozen oceans can contain ocean monuments and have a deeper seabed.

5) Cold Ocean

Indigo is the best way to identify the cold ocean. Its floor, like standard and frozen oceans is mainly made of gravel.

6) Deep Cold Ocean

The deep cold ocean can reach twice the depth of the ocean and generates ocean monuments. It also has large amounts of tall seagrass.

7) Lukewarm Ocean

You can identify a lukewarm sea by the light blue water that is visible at its surface. Its floor is composed of sand with small amounts of clay, gravel, and dirt in the shallower parts.

8) Deep Lukewarm Ocean

The depth of the deep lukewarm sea is twice that of the lukewarm. They are a deep-ocean variant and can create ocean monuments.

9) Warm Ocean

Aquamarine water tones at the surface can identify the warm ocean. It has a floor primarily made of sand, just like the lukewarm sea. In shallower areas, however, there is no dirt, clay, or gravel. This biome produces above sea level. If it does, the surface is made of sand and not grass blocks. Coral reefs and sea pickles thrive in warm oceans.

After players have explored these Ocean biomes in Minecraft they will receive the Sail the 7 Seas achievement as a reward.