XP command in Minecraft

23 November, 2022

XP command in Minecraft

If you are looking to boost your experience in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, there is an alternative to farming mobs and creating specific items. They can give themselves a lot of XP without any requirements by using the command console.

Although the /xp command is used in Java Edition, it can also be used on Minecraft platforms that use Bedrock (including Pocket and Console), Windows 10 and Education Edition. It uses a slightly different syntax, but works the same way.

Minecraft: Use the XP command

Players will first need to enable cheats. This can be done by changing their server settings or activating the slider in their game settings menu. Operator privileges can be obtained on a server, realm, or both.

After that, they can access their chat console to begin entering the XP command. The required command syntax for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is the following:

The syntax above is thankfully very simple. Players only need two arguments to use the XP command. The argument is simply a number they choose, while the argument refers to the current screen name of a player who is online and in-game.

The command should be executed correctly and provide the Minecraft player with the required experience points or levels.

Target selectors can be used to help you choose the right players. These target selectors are:

These designators allow players to create experience vendors by placing the XP command in a block that targets people who interact with it.

You can also use this command in conjunction with other commands across multiple blocks. Players are encouraged to explore.